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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors makes up the Cooperative’s governing body. 

The Board of Directors is a highly qualified, highly skilled and professional team which brings the diversity of corporate and life experiences necessary to ensure the good governance of the Cooperative as a

not-for-profit organisation and registered charity. The Board has a dual role to support the Secretary manager in operational matters and to determine the Cooperative's strategic directions and goals. 

Its members are passionate about the Cooperative’s work and receive no remuneration or compensation for the considerable contribution of both their time and expertise.

Members of the Board of Directors are:




B Soc Sci 
Viv joined the Board of Directors in July 2021 and accepted the role of Chair in November 2021.

Viv is experienced in managing a range of NGO and state government-funded programs that support people with a disability, children, young people, families, multicultural services, and people at risk of or experiencing homelessness. Her chairing of cross-agency and community forums introduced her to the Karabar Housing Cooperative, the attributes of its board and staff, the organisation’s achievements, and the essential role it plays in the Queanbeyan region.

Viv supports the belief that the right to adequate housing is a human right. Sharing life in the Queanbeyan community, Viv looks forward to working with board members as the organisation progresses partnerships and collaboration which are essential in addressing the chronic shortages of affordable accommodation in the Queanbeyan region.



Emeritus Chair (1986-2021)
Director (1986-2022)
Advisor to the Board and member of the Executive Committee


David was a director of the Cooperative from its inception in 1986 until December 2022.  He is the Cooperative's Chairman Emeritus, having led the Cooperative from its incorporation until November 2021. He continues to contribute to the Cooperative as an advisor to the Board and member of the Executive Committee.

David was formerly the Registrar for Cooperatives and Building Societies and Credit Unions; Chief Executive of the National Deposit Insurance Corporation; Trustee of the Anglican Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn, and former Chairman of the Anglican Investment Development Fund.

In 2014, David was recognised for his services to the community with the Order of Australia Medal.


The Secretary is the administrative officer/manager of the Cooperative and the main point of contact between the Cooperative, the public and the Registry of Cooperatives. The Board of Directors assigns responsibility for the day to day running of the Cooperative to the Secretary.




Sylvia has filled the role of Secretary and manager of the Cooperative since 2014. Sylvia brings a Hansard, court reporting, legal secretary, and small business background. She also worked in the aged care field within the Queanbeyan community for eight years to 2014.

Headshot - Emily.jpg


Social Media Manager

Emily has been the Social Media Manager for the Cooperative since 2023. She lives and works in the Canberra region, providing strategic business and technology advice to government. 


Emily is very passionate about contributing to local community and holds a lifelong commitment to social activism. In her free time, Emily enjoys running, crafting and music.

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